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Hack the Future is a company and project created by Anders Engström with the ambition to look at different ways of making our future great through technology, knowledge and communication.
It is a continuation of my work with, opening our minds to eating insects, and the book Äta insekter – entomaten och det stora proteinskiftet. But it’s also a continuation of (a project to change the perception of a suburb with a bad reputation) and Hemstilat (a home interior design magazine celebrating DIY and creative style). This project was done together with my wife Frida Arnqvist Engström who created the term “Gerillaslöjd” when writing the book with the same name. She is also known for her blog and Instagram account

Currently Anders is working for a media-project turned business network with a focus on future food and the changing food system. More info:

Both Anders and Frida like to communicate with people standing in front of an audience (in both Swedish and English). You can read more about this here:

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